Torsdag 6. juni kl i , Sandvika

Vi inviterer næringer, bedrifter og interesseorganisasjoner i Norge som har interesse for temaet

Et viktig tema der en utveksling av tanker og erfaringer er et mål. Festivalen ønsker å bidra til en internasjonal interesse og forståelse for

Påmelding til trinehbendixen@gmail.com

Topic still to be decided

Date: Thursday June 6th       Time:
Location: Sandvika, Bærum

It is with great pleasure we hereby invite you to be a part of this gathering wich is the starting point of the festival San Fiesta, with focus on Latin American culture.

We believe that cultural exchange will first and foremost foster a better understanding and communication between our countries. The effects go far beyond culture and the arts: Mutual understanding and respect can also lead to the creation of job opportunities and economic growth of our countries.

In view of these thoughts, the gathering will focus on a topic which will bring forth expertise and experience – and where we can learn from and collaborate with others.

The goal of the conference is to

  • bring together people/projects/businesses who are a part of/interested in
  • discuss how we can move towards a solution of some of the challenges we face in this endeavour
  •  expand our mutual understanding of plans and results in our countries

The conference offers participants the opportunity to

Participants will include:

Moderator for the day:  Mo Bourmani, CEO of Bærum International Hub, BIH

Please register here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me, Trine Bendixen at +47 918 37 737.

Hoping to see you!
Best regards,
Trine Bendixen,
Head of board,
Sandvika Internasjonale Kulturfestival
SanFiesta 2022 – June 9th – 12th